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We know we have more people of Lithuanian and Polish descent in Lake Ave than in any other Chicago neighborhood, but do you know who had more of their people living there? According to the Chicago Department of Public Works, 25.6% of people in this neighborhood travel to work by train, up from 18.5% in 2010. In addition to the population employed as managers and professionals, the population has grown considerably in recent years, from 2.4% to 3.2%.

In fact, a NeighborhoodScout analysis shows that Lake Ave has more people of Lithuanian and Polish descent than any other Chicago neighborhood. This may seem like a small percentage, but it is more than double the percentage of people from other parts of the city.

The NeighborhoodScout research also shows, startlingly, that no single neighborhood has a higher percentage of married couples than Lake Ave. In fact, according to the Neighborhood Scout survey, there are more than twice as many couples in Lake Avenue as in any other neighborhood in the city.

I have a friend who moved from Chicago to Wilmette and became one of the Winnetkanes looking for a new home. I live on Green Bay Road and have friends who have sent their kids to New York and people who are doing even better. Couples are the norm in Lake Avenue, even though they have school-age children, according to NeighborhoodScout.

The village of Skokie, which is today a culturally diverse and economically progressive community, was established from the very beginning. Chicago and Milwaukee railroad tracks were built to facilitate settlement of what would later become the North Coast. The rich cultural heritage of the village has grown and continues to grow, and members of many ethnic and cultural backgrounds have chosen to call Skocie their home.

This comprehensive list will help you to discover Wilmette's history and culture. Less than 25 miles away, Houston makes it easy for the Stafford family to enjoy educational and cultural attractions, including the University of Illinois at Chicago's College of Arts and Sciences and the American Museum of Natural History. This year, flags of the participating members of the Festival of Culture will be displayed at the Northshore Sculpture Park in Skokie. People can also attend the annual International Art Festival, a festival of art, music and craftsmen from all over the world.

The North Shore, rated the best place to live in Illinois by HomeSnacks in 2015, has an average annual population of more than 1.5 million people since 1983. Wilmette, IL, a suburb of Chicago, is located on the north side of the Chicago River, just a few miles from the Illinois River.

This church was named one of the seven wonders of the world by the Illinois Bureau of Tourism in 2007. The Illinois Museum of Natural History, the state's largest museum, receives more than 300,000 visitors each year and was named "one of Chicago's seven wonders" and "the most popular tourist attraction in Illinois" by HomeSnacks in 2015.

The rogue's race makes them white, black, brown or a mix of both, with a high percentage of African Americans and Hispanics in the community.

Wilmette Public Schools is administered by the Chicago Public Schools Board of Education. Elementary and middle schools include high schools and a high school, and a small part of that city is part of the Houston Independent School District. Most students in Stafford attend the Stafford City Campus, which has five schools. The schools Wil Mette and Winnetka treat practically all their students from the same district, from kindergarten to eighth grade, but the students of Stafford do not.

Wilmette's twin city of Australia is home to the University of Melbourne, the largest university in the United States and one of the largest universities in the world. Wil Mette has participated in a number of international events, including the World Cup and the Olympic Games, and works with the National Science Foundation (NSF) of the US Department of Education.

The Lake Ave neighborhood is a unique feature of the neighborhood, and the North Shore village hosts the largest number of college-educated adults in the city of Chicago. The village ranks 47th in Chicago in the percentage of adults with at least a bachelor's degree from a public or private university.

Evanston's public schools tend to be more liberal and pursue more experimental programs, and parents enjoy that kind of environment. I absolutely admire Evanston Township High School, but I know that as a child I had the pleasure of attending and teaching at Evanstons Roycemore Elementary School and Winnetka Middle School. I'm sure my parents enjoyed both types of environments. But compared to the schools where I have taught either at EvanSTON or Win Netka, which are of a different caliber (my school is not one of the four mentioned in the quote), there is a 180 degree difference in the educational philosophy, as can be seen from the differences in their curricula and curricula.

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