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The Ouilmette Foundation for Parks has announced a series of events in and around Wilmettes Lake Park for the weekend of July 15-17, 2016. The cost is $65 per person and includes parking, food, water, snacks and a free swim in the lake from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. On Saturday, July 16, 2017, at 7: 30 a.m., a fully supported, staggered swim from the park to the shore will begin.

Mechanical bulls for children can also ride for free on the adorable little farm inflator, which includes a 3-D model of a bull and a variety of other animals. There are also a number of free rides for children, including an indoor and outdoor water slide, a bouncy house and a playground for children.

With an oversized bar, players try to beat and nudge each other to emerge victorious. Participants can experience a few laps at once and offer a funny and entertaining view of the sport. The best way to get into the inflatable rubber dinghy is to move freely on a 3-D model of the bull.

Please note: If you order only tables and chairs, please arrange for collection in our warehouse. Have a multiplayer game rental for your next event and don't miss the action at Wrecking Ball Rental. For more information on planning your wedding, call 847-251-4100. While you are working, we will contact you with any questions you may have about planning an event in Wilmette.

We encourage swimmers of all levels to come to us for WOW swimming on July 14, "Andrew said. Come together as a swimming community and do not miss this opportunity to enjoy a beautiful morning on the beach.

The special thing about Lake Michigan is that it facilitates transport and trade and functions as a tourist attraction. Visitors can visit and appreciate the many specimens and trees in the park that can be identified, while leaving room for a little education. You will want to start 4-6 months in advance while we explore the venues and work out the details of the event.

On any summer morning in Gillson, up to 30 people can swim in the rising sun, and there is a small playground to keep the children occupied. Many families also choose to drive slowly through the park to admire the beautiful houses that are located here. Those who decide to cycle will be greeted with a one-kilometre-long path that passes many memorial plaques.

If you happen to be in Wilmette, you can take part in some fun beach sports. If you have limited space, you also have alternatives for a tank: rent one of the 500 gallon tanks and refresh your guests when it's hot outside, or refresh guests when it's cold outside. They can also be rented to those who have small farms, or if you are outdoors, even to those with a lot of space.

Most fun is the Wilmette Beach Club, where guests can party all day in the water. Children can enjoy a variety of games, activities and activities for children and adults.

We offer a wide selection of menus and we are proud to design catering packages that are tailored to your needs. We do our best for those who need it, but you should expect nothing less from us. The secret sauce to a big wedding are the guests, bridesmaids, rehearsals and dinners to really get to know yourself and your guests. My wedding has made many new friends, so make sure you go out to eat at rehearsals to make it even more fun and really get to know your other guests!

Focus on spending time with those you love and introduce them to each other That way you feel more comfortable the next day. Stay late into the night so that your family and friends can connect so that everyone has a better time at the wedding and feels involved.

I worked with Matt and his parents to pull out the colors used for the wedding and create a picture of the two of them in front of their favorite restaurant. I had seen the restaurant once when we were in town and given how much I wanted to spend time with my family, I really wanted some help. My parents brought pictures of the two of us, which I placed on the coffee table in the lounge. After Becky and Matt's rehearsal we had a dinner party for her parents, who called me to ask for help.

If you want to eat at home or eat something more casual, you should probably order at least two or three of the same product, instead of two different ones.

With stunning natural light, the East Porch provides an intimate dinner and cocktail reception that can accommodate up to 80 guests. The Canterbury Hall and the Stone Ballroom are connected by a ventilation wall and offer a shared service that allows events and weddings for 360 guests each. Perfect for intimate dinners, weddings and special occasions such as weddings and private parties, it can accommodate 140 people. It is an ideal place for a private celebration or wedding reception for two or more guests or even a small group of friends and family. With a full-service bar and bar area, as well as an outdoor dining and lounge area for private events, the Stone Ballroom can accommodate 240 guests in a single room.

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