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CAIR - Chicago interns have taken over the Chicago History Museum to learn about Chicago's Muslim community. The best-dressed guy in town was in the spotlight, but the interns had forgotten what they had learned about the museum's oral history project.

The students also focused on creating blog posts that were then posted on the Digital Chicago website, which grew out of a DigitalChicago Mellon grant. The Chicago History Museum website is a fabulous encyclopedia of Chicago that the site uses when researching background information for articles. If you live in Chicago and are curious about the city's past, present and future, the museum should be your first stop. Visit here for more information about CAIR - Chicago's new website and live events in Chicago.

If you have time, consider a half-day trip to get a sense of Chicago's attractions outside the city limits. The Visit Chicago North Shore app helps you try new things and discover what Chicago's north coast has to offer. If you reach the Loop by elevated train (in this case Garfield L.), you can look forward to your time there, because Chicago is a fun, interesting and lively city. Whether it's a museum or a walk around the lake or Lincoln Park Zoo, you won't miss out on a walk with your colleagues this summer.

Internships in the humanities can be completed during the academic year or during the summer and are coordinated with a lecturer. Some examples are: Get an intern for development and data for fall 2020, an anthropology intern working on a project related to what's happening at the Chicago History Museum, and an archaeology intern at the Museum of Natural History. Anthropology trainees work on projects on the history of the human body and its relationship to nature. While students with extensive museum experience can complete the equivalent of a museum-oriented research project (with the consent of the MSP director), these internships involve three months of work.

Internships at the Art Institute offer the opportunity to familiarize oneself with museums outside the school, and scholarships, transportation and accommodation are provided to the employer and the interns. For more information, visit the Chicago History Museum profile or the Art Institute of Chicago website. The Chicago Museum of Natural History offers a variety of internships, but you can also help yourself with guided tours, organizing museum collections, helping with new exhibits, and much more.

In cooperation with our employees, we are continuously working to expand our commitment to an internship for all fields of study. We make the Chicago Museum of Natural History an inspiring place to learn, share and engage with our community, and make it a place where you can learn, learn and engage with your community in an entertaining and interesting way. Our mission: to make Chicago the best museum in the state of Illinois, a museum of inspiration and a museum of inspiration, with a community that shares and engages with its inspiring places.

More than 6,000 Smithsonian Institution employees, 300 of whom work for the National Museum of American History, are co-funded. In the summer of 2019, you will be working as an intern for two weeks at the Robert F. Kennedy School of Public Health in Washington, D.C., and will work in the museum's photo archive. This internship focuses on archiving and researching images from the Chicago Sun-Times, which are part of our photo archive, as well as the history of Chicago newspapers.

The Chicago History Museum (CHM) is looking for two decorative industrial arts collections to work as staff tutorials. The museum's staff is passionate about using collections to tell Chicago's story. To help parents and their children choose the exhibits they want to visit, the museum has developed a guide.

In many classes, students are drawn to historical resources available in Chicago, including the Chicago History Museum, Chicago Public Library and Chicago Historical Society. To find out what Chicago's history tells you, take a look at Chicago's history as documented in books, magazines, newspapers, books on the city's history, or in the museum's own archive.

The Chicago History Museum, formerly known as the Chicago Historical Society (CHS), was founded in 1856 to explore and interpret Chicago's history. This entry was posted on September 18, 2014 by lbryan and tagged history, history museum, Chicago Public Library, Illinois Museum of Natural History. We review applications and fill vacancies on a rolling basis, with a focus on students and doctoral candidates in the humanities, social sciences and humanities. This entry was posted by lbsryan on October 1st, 2013 and tagged Chicago, History, Public Library, Education, Arts, Arts & Culture, Science and Technology, Culture and Education.

The Smithsonian National Museum of American History offers internships in various museum areas throughout the year. The museum offers an internship program for students of the humanities, social sciences and humanities. Missouri Civil War Museum, which offers a four-year internship in history, archaeology, anthropology, history of science and technology and anthropology.

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