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The two-day summer festival, known as the Wilmette Summerfest, will take place in the village centre from 18 to 20 July and will include a variety of activities for children, adults and families, as well as food and entertainment. The Northfield Park District is proud to offer the whole family a wide range of activities, from outdoor activities to family-friendly events. Remember the past and honour and get lost in an exhibition of artifacts, photos and memorabilia from the past, present and future of the city, all in the form of an interactive exhibition.

This nature reserve provides the perfect environment for a quiet day if you want to go hiking, boating or fishing. Spend the day sunbathing by the lake, strolling through the ancient oak trees, or hiking or exploring one - the one - one hectare maze garden. It is easy to do, with easy access to a variety of hiking trails and a wide range of activities to choose from whether you spend your day hiking, boating, fishing or camping.

If you have time, consider a half-day trip to get a taste of some of Chicago's attractions within the city limits. The Glencoe Park District will host its annual Fourth of July celebration on July 4. Visit www.glencoeparkdistrict.com for more about Fourth of July activities, including a list of activities and information on how to get a taste of all Chicago's attractions within the city limits.

To get to Wilmette Trailhead, take Interstate 94 North to Interstate 95, turn south on St. John Avenue, then head east on US 41 to get to Highland Park Trailheads. Continue for 0.25 miles to a Metra parking lot on the right, which serves as a hiking parking lot. The parade will start at 3: 30 p.m. on July 4th in the Village Green Park of the Glencoe Park District and then head east to the Village of Green Park.

While the trail generally remains within a mile of Lake Michigan, there are a number of off-road detours along the way.

If you need a break from the excitement of the area, consider driving east from Northbrook to the Skokie Lagoons.

Take your adult or child bicycle to Working Bikes (see https: / / www.workingbikes.org) and take your soft-use sports equipment with you (we accept used tennis balls here too, but please take them with you).

Glenview (847 - 832 - 0283) uses cartridges for $2 credit on your cartridge reward statement. We collect and sell renovations with donations of building materials, hardware and furnishings. Glenview Community Center, 846-256-7766, is accepting donations of $1,500 to build a new community center in Glen View.

You can return your dress year round in 1702 or at any other location on our website and then click on "Premium Events." Seating provides safe storage space, which Iron Mountain retrieves at full speed to retrieve at full speed.

You can find food in our pantry at any time of day, day or night and receive it free of charge on our pantry priority list, which is on the pantry priority list. We have a wide selection of food in our grocery store as well as a wide selection of fresh products and fruits.

The Visitor Centre Cafe is located on the second floor of the Visitor Centre on the corner of Main and Main Streets. You can deposit a glass of wine, beer, coffee or other beverages of your choice in a cork in our visitor center cafés.

Here at the Chicago Botanic Garden, we are 384 acres and home to over 1,000 species of trees, shrubs, flowers, plants and other plants. Flanked by the Illinois River, this corridor stretches from Main Street in downtown Chicago to the North Side of Chicago and from North Avenue in the Chicago Park District to Lake Michigan.

The beautiful amphitheatre is filled with restaurants, carousels, sculptures, walks and more. Starting with a children's show by the Istvan Imaginary Band with cool, skilfully crafted children's rock, concerts for all ages are planned for Saturday, May 6, from 7.30 pm for the second time in a row. The annual Chicago Botanical Garden Summer Concert Series begins Sunday, June 4, at 6 p.m. with "Salute to the Garden" at the Illinois Museum of Natural History.

The path is lined with scenic views of the Chicago River and Illinois River Valley, as well as the city of Chicago and the Chicago Park District.

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More About Wilmette